Obagi Nuderm Fx Normal to Dry


How to Use

Obagi Nuderm Fx

Normal to Dry (7 Items)

Complete skin care system specially formulated for normal to dry skin that includes arbutin-based skin brighteners.

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A complete skincare regime formualted with arbutin and other natural skin lighteners. This 7-step process is suitable for use day and night, and is perfect for those looking for an alternative to lightening solutions that include bleaching agents. Brighten up with this complete kit from Obaji.  Complexion will stay tight, radiant, supple and even. Kit should last approximately 8-10 weeks with regular use.

Important Note; AHAs increase sunlight sensitivity and it is recommended to use sunscreen (SPF30 or above) during product use and for 1 week after completing your regimen.

Contents of System;

Gentle Foaming Gel Cleanser  200ml – Removes makeup and everyday impurities for a clean, fresh complexion.

Toner 198ml – Alcohol-free, non-drying toner helps adjust the pH of your skin back to baseline

Clear Fx  57g – Containing 7% Arbutin and anti-oxidants, this skin-brightening cream enhances the appearance of the skin for a more even looking tone and complexion (contains AHAs*).

Exfoderm Forte 57g – A lightweight lotion that helps exfoliate the top layer of the skin, removing dull, old skin cells, while revealing new skin cells for a brighter complexion (contains AHAs*).

Blend Fx 57g – 7% Arbutin, combined with anti-oxidants and exfoliants, helps clarify and brighten the skin (contains AHAs*).

Hydrate 48g – A moisturising cream to be used as needed to soothe areas of dry, flaky skin.

Sun Shield MATTE Broad-Spectrum SPF50, 85g – A sunscreen that combines UVA and UVB protection in an elegant matte finish that is non-comedogenic, allergy tested, and dermatologist tested. Sheer, PABA-free, and fragrance-free for all skin types.*

Obagi Travel Bag – Contains all your products tidily in one place!


Start by cleansing your face with the Nu-Derm Gentle Cleanser After cleansing apply the Nu-Derm Toner Apply Nu-Derm Clear Fx twice a day, once during your morning routine and again at night Exfoliate your skin with Exfoderm only once a day, during your morning routine Apply Nu-Derm Blender Fx only once a day, during your nighttime routine Moisturize with Nu-Derm Hydrate as needed during either your morning or nighttime routine Once you've completed your morning routine, protect your skin from the sun by applying Sun Shield Matte Broad Spectrum SPF 50