Fillers In Newcastle Upon Tyne

Have you noticed lines and wrinkles that have started to appear on your face? Then dermal fillers could be for you. Dermal fillers are smooth gels made from hyaluronic acid that are injected under the skin. It is a naturally occurring substance and so no skin testing is required prior to treatment. Fillers can be used for nose to mouth lines, mouth to chin lines, frown lines and smile lines, as well as lip treatments and cheek sculpting and enhancement.

If you’re looking for a north east clinic that offers dermal fillers, look no further than The Cosmetic Clinic UK. This well-known clinic is run by Dr Anna Puri – a GP and a specialist in facial aesthetics. Needless to say, she has the skills and expertise needed to deliver a service that really is second to none.

How Much Do They Cost?

Dermal fillers at The Cosmetic Clinic UK are amongst the most competitively priced in the area. They start from £250, however, the cost will depend not just on the type of filler to be used but the area to be treated too. You can discuss this with Dr Puri at your initial consultation. To find out more about The Cosmetic Clinic UK, visit the website today.