Botox Newcastle upon Tyne

Are you seeking treatment for forehead lines, frown lines or those unsightly crow’s feet that have made themselves at home around your eyes? Then why not try Botox? Many people are choosing Botox as a way of improving the look of their skin and giving them a more youthful appearance. It can also be used to prevent fine lines from developing in the first instance, which has made it popular amongst those who are keen to stay looking younger, for longer. If you’re looking for Botox in Newcastle upon Tyne, then pay The Cosmetic Clinic UK a visit. This UK-renowned clinic is run by Dr Anna Puri – a practising GP and specialist in facial aesthetics.

What is Botox?

It’s only natural that you want to know what exactly Botox is before you decide to book the treatment. It is derived from a kind of bacteria called Clostridium Botulinum and works by blocking the nerve transmission to certain facial muscles. This prevents the muscles from pulling on the overlying skin and causing wrinkles to appear. Botox is a series of line relaxing injections that smooth the wrinkles on your face. To find out more about The Cosmetic Clinic, visit the website today.