Find Aqualyx Services In Ascot

Are you looking for a fat loss treatment that really works? Then consider Aqualyx™. Aqualyx helps to dissolve fat deposits which are resistant to diet and exercise. So if you’re tired of busting a gut at the gym and trying endless diets only to find that those stubborn areas of fat are still there, it may be time to try this popular fat loss treatment. It involves a number of injections of Aqualyx (a gel based solution which contains desoxycholan – a bile acid which is made naturally in the liver). It works to destabilise the fat cells and dissolve the fat. If you’re looking for Aqualyx services in Ascot, take a closer look at The Cosmetic Clinic UK. Treatments are carried out at Aura Spa at The Corner House on Course Road, in Ascot.

Who will carry out my treatment?

When you book Aqualyx at The Cosmetic Clinic, your treatment will be carried out by Dr Anna Puri – a practising GP and facial aesthetics specialist. She has over a decade’s worth of experience in her field and has a very lengthy list of satisfied customers who are happy to recommend her services. To find out more, visit the website today.